Beneath a Tainted Sky, A Passionate Historical Affair - Paperback


Intensely romantic and unusually thorny, this haunting story captures the struggle of heartbreaking passion and demands the reader to decide: Is love worth dying for?


Sophie Johansson has lived a life of security. Trusting and naïve, she waited past marriageable age for her beloved, Liam Welch, to return from university for them to marry, as he promised.


When the Civil War commences, Sophie’s world is ripped apart when Liam puts off their wedding to become a soldier. Her unforgettable passage to maturity begins when her mother forces Sophie into an arranged marriage to a vile man, leaving her with no hope of love.


That is, until Sophie and her husband’s slave, Hezekiah, are drawn to each other with brazen unrestraint that’s greater than either of their power to stop. Sophie refuses to continue to be the obedient girl her family expects. The last thing Hezekiah imagined was to be enchanted by his master’s wife. 


As their tragic world tears them apart, they realize they can’t ignore their love. Unable to keep their passion hidden, they dare to break the constraints society has placed on them. If caught, their punishment is sure death.


Prepare to laugh, cry, and sigh as you’re swept up in this emotionally charged story.


This provocative historical romance combines rich settings, a heart-stopping plot, and unforgettable characters to create a stunning saga of enduring love, gut-wrenching war, and crucial survival. With inspirational quotes and sensual passages, Sophie and Hezekiah’s extraordinary tale will stay with the reader long after writing a review.