The Tapestry Series

With richly detailed settings and beloved, unforgettable characters, this epic, intimate series is fraught with hardship, fear, and courage.

A devastating, beautiful story about Brie Taylor’s extraordinary journey to maturity as she struggles to redefine herself. Brie’s daunting life is told with gripping, impossible-to-put-down drama as she learns to navigate this miracle we call life.

Impassioned with love, hurt, poverty, and wealth, Brie learns relationships are fragile, families are chosen, and futures are created one small step at a time.

Currently, three novels strong. Look for the fourth, The Woes of a Woman, coming soon.

This intimate and moving novel is about broken dreams, friendships that go beyond, and growing up when life is fraught with hardship and fear.

The last thing Brie Taylor expects when she flees from her abusive husband is to fall deeper into despair. Her new location, vastly different geographically, collides with the affluent neighborhood with which she’d grown accustomed. With unforgettable characters, especially Annie Mae, a larger-than-life woman who prods Brie to redefine herself, this magnificent novel enchants every reader and captures their heart.

This gripping saga continues in Book Two of The Tapestry Series as Brie Taylor’s worst fears unfold when her newfound life collides with her past.

The last thing Brie expects is for her estranged husband to reappear and demand their son, driving Brie to the brink of collapse. This heroic and fiery novel is a stunning and imposing story of finding new love, grasping faith, and becoming independent.

This devastating, beautiful story continues in Book Three of The Tapestry Series as Brie’s charming life comes crashing to an end.

Brie is no longer the fearful girl she once was, but the last thing she expects is that she will have to endure unthinkable wounds on her own again. While Hazen would risk everything to save her, their vast geographical distance brings unspeakable devastation. A gripping and intimate journey that finds Brie and Hazen ripped apart just when they need each other the most.