The Weaving of a Warrior - Paperback


This gripping saga continues in Book Two of The Tapestry Series as Abriella Taylor’s worst fears unfold when her newfound life collides with her past.


The last thing Abriella expects is for her estranged husband to reappear and demand their son, driving her to the brink of collapse. She must find the resolve to face him at last, rather than run from him any longer. In the midst of her past chasing her down, Abriella meets a man who appears to be everything she needs and wants. Yet as these two men clash, Abriella must pick up the pieces. Her unspeakable misery takes her in the opposite direction from which she thought she was going.


This heroic and fiery novel is a stunning and imposing story of finding new love, grasping faith, and becoming independent. Hopeful and wounding, Abriella’s story explores what it means to pursue happiness even when the world is falling apart.


An up-all-night page turner with twists at its core, this layered and compelling story is a feel-good book guaranteed to lift your spirits and rouse courage to face your demons, accept love, and hold on to what is precious in life.


Told with reflective intellect and passionate emotion, this is a powerful and radiant story.