K.C. Mitchell has been writing short stories, poems, and more since she was a young child. Her dad often referred to it as her “fantasy world” when she would get lost in her stories.

Although she is an avid reader and loves all books, from naughty to nice, for her writing, she enjoys making them both entertaining and enlightening. She quite literally dreams of writing, as each one of her novels originated from a dream that kept her mind thinking once awake.

Specializing in complicated relationships, both romantic and platonic, her gripping novels showcase richly detailed settings and unforgettable characters. From fateful journeys toward maturity to sexy page-turners to beautiful and moving stories of family and love, Mitchell finds that sweet spot between laughing, crying, and gaining inspiration.

Mitchell writes in multiple genres including romance, chic lit, historical & contemporary fiction, and literary fiction. She completed her B.A. in English Language and Literature at Columbus State University. She currently resides in Columbus, Georgia.


Contact K. C. Mitchell at AuthorKCMitchell@gmail.com.