till the Tide, A Novel of Awakening - Hard Cover


This modern-day romance with a twist of reality is equal parts funny, gut-wrenching, and sexy. Steamy with a fantastical island setting, this intimate story brings two conflicting souls together in the most unlikely way.

When Mia Montgomery enjoys a much-needed vacation four years after her husband’s death, the solitude causes all the grief she’s avoided to come crashing down. That is until she meets sexy billionaire, Greyson Williams, a man who helps her realize she has never tasted the forbidden fruit of passion. A magnificent and affecting novel about a woman who longs for but cannot allow herself to claim love once again.

Although they are in vastly different places in their lives, Greyson’s heady sexual prowess teases the dormant yearning that threatens to awaken within Mia. Both promising and wistful, this page-turner explores what it means to find happiness after a devastating loss with toe-curling intimacy.