The Tapestry of A. Taylor - Hard Cover


This intimate and moving novel is about broken dreams, friendships that go beyond, and growing up when life is fraught with hardship and fear.


The last thing Abriella Taylor expects when she flees from her abusive husband is to fall deeper into despair. Her new location, vastly different geographically, collides with the affluent neighborhood with which she’d grown accustomed. With unforgettable characters, especially Annie Mae, a larger-than-life woman who prods Brie to redefine herself, this magnificent novel enchants every reader and captures their heart.

A crushing, beautiful story about a woman who must confront the fears of her past and present to find the courage to create a life anew. Gripping, heartbreaking, and impossible to put down, Brie’s unforgettable journey to maturity will stay with readers long after turning the last page. With richly detailed settings, this epic and emotional novel will bring you back to an old-fashioned childhood where friends become family and burdens become lighter when shared.

Filled with humorous antidotes and heart-wrenching insights, this book will take you into a world that sheds light upon real-life discrepancies between right and wrong, prejudice and acceptance, and fulfillment and longing.